Structure and Format

At The Henley Bridge School, our Bridge lessons are in keeping with the Andrew Robson approach.  Our integrated set of courses has been put together by our principal Bridge teacher Jon Green.  In steps, these will take you from a complete beginner to whatever level you would like to reach.  Progression is gradual – we build your confidence as we go.

Our Bridge lessons are complemented by Supervised Play.  This gives you the opportunity to consolidate and to put into practice what we have covered.

It’s not necessary to come back after our first course (Beginning Bridge – Red) – you’ll know the fundamentals of how to play Bridge and be able to play at home or with friends.  In conjunction with our second and third course (Continuing Bridge – Orange and Developing Bridge – Yellow), you’ll have a solid set of foundations to go and play anywhere.  Of course, we’d be disappointed not to see you again – Bridge is such a deep and varied game that there is so much more to explore!

What to expect at a Bridge lesson

Our Bridge courses run on a Saturday (Bridge in a Day).   Typically half the time is spent covering key ideas and fundamental concepts and the other half practising, playing Bridge deals.  We usually have 8 to 12 people at our classes (maximum of 16).

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