Bridge Background

Cambridge University Bridge captain

I started playing Bridge when I was 13 years old so have now been playing for over 20 years.  Fortunate to be able to learn with a group of friends at school (particularly in sixth form), I played most intensely during my time at university.  I went on to captain Cambridge University, which has produced many of our top players over the years (such as internationals David Burn and Tom Townsend).

Junior International Bridge player

As a junior, I represented England and Great Britain.  This included the 1998 Junior European Championships in Vienna and 2000 Championships in Antalya (Turkey).  Junior Bridge was supported by a squad training system – I was involved for 6 years.  We met regularly to practise and to learn from expert players and even received coaching from a psychologist on winning mental attitude, team spirit, and proper diet!

National Bridge successes

I continue to play Bridge at a national level in major events and competitions such as the Spring Fours and the Gold Cup.  Please take a look at my CV for a list of recent successes.

Experienced Bridge teacher

My focus is currently on teaching Bridge full-time.  I have genuine enthusiasm for the game and enjoy sharing my knowledge of Bridge.  My parents are both former primary school teachers and I taught at a secondary school in Zimbabwe for a year.  Perhaps it was inevitable I would become a teacher myself – impossible to resist the call…

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