New Courses, Change of Venue, and Cancelled Session

1. New courses. Our next lessons start from Monday 22 April. Here are the options:

Monday 1:30pm – Sharpening Bridge (advanced – reversing, calculating odds and combining chances)

Monday 7:30pm – Continuing Bridge (follows Beginning Bridge – 2-level and 3-level opening bids)

Wednesday 4pm – Key Conventions 2 (advanced – splinters, RKCB, two-suited overcalls)

Wednesday 7:30pm – Developing Bridge (follows Continuing Bridge – Stayman, Blackwood, take-out doubles)

All the Supervised Play sessions are running as usual.  Take a look at our current programme.

Please confirm by Sunday 14 April if you wish to join us for any of the courses.

2. Change of venue. From next week (Monday 15 April) all our sessions (including the lessons above) are at the Red Lion Hotel.

3. Cancelled session. Please note there is no Bridge 4-6pm this Tuesday (16 April), our Deal & Discuss session.

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