Loser on loser play

Diagram of Bridge deal: 15 June 2011 3S loser on loser playBidding

With a balanced hand and 12-14 HCP, West opened 1NT.  Like West, North would have opened 1NT but had nothing to overcall.  East bid 2♥, a weakness take-out, preferring to play with hearts as trumps than in NT.  South overcalled 2♠ with a decent suit and powerful shape.  West would normally pass the weakness take-out but in competition with excellent trump support, West bid 3♥.  With a known fit, North bid 3♠ ending the auction.


West led the ♥A, top of touching honours.  Declarer trumped and counted seven top tricks (six in spades and ♦A). Having drawn trumps with ♠A and ♠Q, declarer led ♥Q discarding a diamond, the key play.  This loser on loser play created another trick  (♥J).  When West returned a diamond, declarer won ♦A and discarded her last diamond on the winning ♥J.  Her ninth trick was a long club.

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