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Loser on loser play

Diagram of Bridge deal: 15 June 2011 3S loser on loser playBidding

With a balanced hand and 12-14 HCP, West opened 1NT.  Like West, North would have opened 1NT but had nothing to overcall.  East bid 2♥, a weakness take-out, preferring to play with hearts as trumps than in NT.  South overcalled 2♠ with a decent suit and powerful shape.  West would normally pass the weakness take-out but in competition with excellent trump support, West bid 3♥.  With a known fit, North bid 3♠ ending the auction.


West led the ♥A, top of touching honours.  Declarer trumped and counted seven top tricks (six in spades and ♦A). Having drawn trumps with ♠A and ♠Q, declarer led ♥Q discarding a diamond, the key play.  This loser on loser play created another trick  (♥J).  When West returned a diamond, declarer won ♦A and discarded her last diamond on the winning ♥J.  Her ninth trick was a long club.

Health and Wealth of the Nation

The English Bridge Union (EBU) is this year celebrating its 75-year anniversary. [The EBU is the national governing organisation for Bridge in England. It currently has over 50,000 members.]

The special edition English Bridge magazine for June 2011 talks about the positive impact of Bridge on the health and wealth of the nation.  Here are a few headlines:

  • All Party Parliamentary Group for the development of Bridge established in 2009.  This is encouraging school children to learn Bridge (through MiniBridge) to improve their mathematical ability (amongst other things).  It is promoting Bridge for older people to stay mentally agile and socially active.
  • Current initiative by the EBU to have Bridge recognised as a mind sport.
  • Charitable status achieved by the Hitchin Bridge Club.

Bridge Taster Evening, Wednesday 06 July 2011

I’ll be at The Henley College on Wednesday 06 July 2011 for a Bridge taster evening. Come and join me for a free introduction to Bridge! Jon Green.